Photo Restoration & Manipulation

I offer quality, affordable photo restoration and retouching. Whether it be restoring damaged photographs and documents or enhancing your photographs for print or web publication, my years of experience as a photographer, visual artist, educator and digital designer have equipped me with the necessary skills to take on just about any photo retouching challenge.

Please take a moment to browse through the gallery to see what can be achieved with a touch of digital "magic".

Photographs provide an important link to our past. They provide us with an historical record and priceless, irreplacable memories of family and special events. Traditionally, photographs were restored using airbrush and inks. Today, restoration is mostly performed using digital imaging software. It is still a time consuming 'labour of love', but it is certainly less messy and thankfully, it is also more affordable.

A restored photograph is a wonderful gift idea, especially for aniversaries and birthdays. For genealogists, restoring family photographs ensures that they are there for future generations to enjoy.

If after viewing our gallery you would like to discuss one of your own memorial/family history book ideas contact me and I will help you transform your photos into professionally printed photobooks.

Single image retouching rates:
For retouching quotes, please email a link to the photo you’d like to have retouched to Please also include a list of some of the specific things you would like addressed in the retouching of the image. Ian will reply to your email with an estimate for the work based on your list of items you’d like addressed. If you’re not quite sure what you’d like done to the image, that’s okay too, just let Ian know!

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